January 6, 2011

Do you have a Kelly? I highly recommend it...

Nearly a decade of friendship...somewhere along the line she became family.
We started in Woodstock and landed in LA.
We've frolicked across Ireland and around Spain.
I can talk to her about anything from pointless gossip to my deepest darkest secrets.
I trust her implicitly.
We fight like sisters, and then get over it faster than anyone can keep up.
She never lets me get away with being anything less than the best possible me.
Her dog cries with excitement when she sees me.
We've painted both our parents houses, and cleaned out each other's closets
We've laughed and cried, often at the same time.
We've swapped clothes, and music.

I can't imagine a life where Kelly isn't my best friend sister.

 On January 1st we woke up at the crack of dawn, to do this photo shoot, and start anew.

I love these girls

Isn't she lovely?


  1. I'll leave a comment after I wipe my tears...Love it!