June 19, 2010

The Rain In Spain

We had been so lucky in Ireland with the weather, that really we shouldn't have been surprised when it rained nearly every day I was in Barcelona. It was certainly annoying, but there was something oddly satisfying about seeing EVERYone with an umbrella.

But Miss Kelly, being the peach that she is, often offered to hold up my umbrella high over my head, and I got a bunch of photos anyway.

It was so great to have someone who knew how to get around, I barely had to think.

Right near the apartment there was this magical Churreria.

On Kelly's B-day we shared one. Chocolate, and cream filled.
Friends, my mouth is watering just remembering. 
How sad to know that I won't be having one anytime soon.

Another place we frequented was Las Ramblas. Which is a very famous part of Barcelona, and has a huge walkway down the middle of the street, with vendors of all kinds.

And street performers. Good lord, these street performers.

Yes, that is a man jumping over three completely terrified girls. Actually, flipping and spinning over them.

My favorite thing about Barcelona, may have actually been the markets. There are huge ones and smaller ones, and almost all of the stalls closed for siesta, but it is foodie heaven.
(and look! that's all CANDY!)

There was a big one on Las Ramblas, called La Boqueria.

Those smoothies btw, were amazing.
And I only had one on my last day.

Next time I will know.

Of course, we did get some sun, but it was just in time for us to leave for the south of Spain.

Can we talk about the view from Kelly and Pablo's?

Next to come...Jamie, Kelly and Pablo venture to Granada, Bolonia, and Tarifa.


  1. Jamie...quit your day job.

  2. Wonderful!!

  3. I knew that Barcelona through your eyes was going to be beyond utterly fantastic and beautifully portrayed!

  4. i agree with everyone. quit your day job and wonderful! and i will add holy crap! your a professional photographer!!;)