June 20, 2010

Alhambra de Granada

We left at 3 am to fly out of Barcelona to the Malaga airport, where Pablo's cousin Nico (accompanied by Lina) was going to pick us up.

He then gave us the option of going straight back to Bolonia, or driving to Granada to walk around.
We had wanted to see Alhambra, which was basically the sheik's own city. We couldn't get into the main part, because they only let 7,800 visitors in a day (all the better for keeping it pristine). But what we saw was gorgeous, and I am very glad we went.

This place was huge. We wandered around in a sleep deprived state, and snapped photos, and ate jamon flavored chips, and drank orange fanta, and snapped more photos.

I actually saw my Aunt, Uncle and cousin there, which blew my mind a little. I knew that they were in the south of Spain, but I had no idea where, and it was such a freaky, small world moment. 
But very cool.
Unfortunately, I got no photos, as I was racing back to the car when I saw them, but they have one of all of us. Somewhere.

I got that hat in Ireland, but it was a bit of a hassle when I was taking photos, so Kelly wore it most of the day. Doesn't she look cute in it?

Completely exhausted, but happy, we made our way down to the city of Granada, for tapas, and more walking. To come in the next installment. 

And also can I just say, thank you for the comments. I appreciate them so much. :)


  1. LOVE the one of Pablo sitting in the chair! These are gorgeous Jame!! :)

  2. The pics are gorgeous..completely!!!! And a wonderful distraction....thanks for reminding me to look. Love so many of the pics. Love the outskirts of Alahambra too. Love seeing it through your eyes.