November 14, 2009

Just a couple of characters

Once upon a day very close to Halloween

There was an afternoon cigarette break

I don't smoke cigarettes anymore, but every once in a while a five minute break is necessary, so I tagged along.

I've really been loving playing with shadows lately...

Good Ol' Charlie Chaplin

Oh light you make me so happy.

Lens Play

I bought a new lens recently, and I’ve been playing around with it whenever I have a spare moment.
I still have to get used to it, it’s so different from what I’ve been using.
It’s great to be learning something new though.
Integrating something into my daily use and having it become second nature. There is something so gratifying about looking back and remembering a time when you couldn't do something that you can now do without thinking. 
Maritza, Meredith, and Memory got the brunt of it in the first week of the 50mm f1.8.

It's international memory....I know, you're jealous of my coolness

Gorgeous girls.
OK, I'm off to chat with an overseas Greaney.

November 12, 2009

Fellow Photographers are a commodity

Pretty much the first new person I met when I moved to LA was Diana Garrett.

We bonded instantly over our love of photography....and of laughing at people when they trip, fall, bump into things, etc...

It is so valuable to have someone to photograph, that gets as inspired as I do. We take turns shooting each other and we can go for HOURS.

It helps that she is stunning...

And she is as at ease in front of the camera as she is behind it...

I won't usually be posting two blogs in one night....but D has been patiently waiting for the release of these shots....

I've got catching up to do....

I had the Jency/Hank portion of the parental units visiting me in LA this last weekend (that's mother, step-father, for those of you keeping track). 
It was so great having them here, but I didn't get anything done!! Except take a lot of photos....which I will hopefully get to very soon!
But first

I went to meet Jodi for her birthday to see Where the Wild Things Are (which I LOVED). It was a surprise. :)

We then returned to the 603 for a bit of birthday festivities....I could only stay for a short time...I feel confident in saying it got a little crazier after I left.

This was weeks ago I said, I'm catching up.
For her birthday, and also because she and my camera are like extra strength magnets...we did a quick afternoon shoot.
She is a badass, what can I say?

Jodi is a rare breed. She is completely and totally comfortable in front of the camera, and she absolutely loves it, and I almost always get something amazing from shooting with her. As well as laughing often. You ALWAYS laugh often when Jodi is around.

I apologize for there being SO many photos.....but I could only narrow it down so much!

Side note: When I upload photos onto this blog it automatically effs up the colors....I swear it looks better on my screen.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Or do I just need to move onto to a better blog host?